Offa’s Dyke Path: hints and experiences and preparing for the path

In august 2013 Erwin and I walked the Offa’s Dyke Path (ODP) in Wales south to north. I used many websites, blogs and review sites when preparing for our walk. Therefore, I would like to return something to the walking community. The blogs that I will publish in the next weeks will contain descriptions of our gear, our travel itinerary, information about shops and resupplying, and writings about things I wish I had known before we started off on Offa’s Dyke Path.

Start ODP

Erwin at the startpoint of Offa’s Dyke Path

Before ODP, the longest distance Erwin walked was about 20 km. Ten years ago, I walked the West Highland Way but had not had much practice since.  We did do a two day walk to test our gear. Unfortunately, on the second practice walk, I got a huge blister which did not heal well. This meant that we could not practice anymore. So in the end,  the ODP itself was our training. We were both in reasonable shape, although not very fit, and we did alright.

Halfway Offa's Dyke Path

Half way there.. and having a very good time!

For me, this was the best holiday I have had so far. The walk is beautifully situated. The people we met along the walk are amazingly friendly and always ready to chat about.. well, everything really. We talked politics,  the aftermath of the second World War in Berlin, Spanish tiles, real ale and how to get a refill for free. We talked about J.K. Rowling and Sporty Spice, health care, and Prince William and Prince Harry, how glass tea cups are probably not the cleverest thing to take along when hiking and, of course, about the weather. Apart from the amazing scenery and people, I also enjoyed the food. We did bring along our own cooking gear, but we did not want to miss the opportunity to sample the local cuisine! Pork pies, sticky toffee pudding, fish, chips and mashed greens, some respectable British breakfasts including black pudding, lots of tea with milk, several real ales, pasties, spotted Dick, Victoria sponge, Fisherman’s Pie.. It is fortunate we walked so much!

End of Offa's Dyke Path

We made it!

(To be) published articles:

  • Gear
  • Travel itinerary
  • Things I wish we had known in advance
  • Shopping, resupplying and campsites


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